We provide our clients with the tools necessary for consistent and sustainable improvement and performance.

During our engagements and studies we have observed several common fundamental business challenges faced by companies and have focused our efforts in helping our clients navigate these challenges, providing them with the tools necessary for consistent and sustainable improvement and performance.

The core business challenges in which we have expertise and the vital questions we help our clients answer are as follows:

Growth Strategies

What are the most attractive markets; what are the untapped opportunities in these markets; and what are the most effective ways to exploit these opportunities? How can we source or create funds to invest in these ventures?

Value Stimulation

How to generate more value from existing business relationships – consistently? How do we make sure we don’t erode brand value or profits when trying to maximize revenues?


What is the impact of lost customers on the revenues and profitability of the entire business; are we measuring it accurately? Can we predict who we’ll lose and why? How can we increase the attractiveness of our value propositions, and how can we deploy agile retention structures across customer touch points?

Operational Excellence

Are we productive enough and where do we stand compared to industry benchmarks in terms of capacity utilization? Are there opportunities to deliver more with less? How do our operational investments perform; do they deliver their ROI expectations, and if not, why? Are we successful in aligning business success with that of our employee base? Do our internal structures enable innovation and/or continuous improvement in core business domains?

People Development

How do we manage our talent pool; are we successful in creating a learning organization, and in attracting and retaining the best people? Do we have “leaders” in the firm; does our firm have structures to identify and develop people with leadership qualities?