We provide unique and competitive insights to boost decision making accuracy in sales, marketing and backbone operations.


We accelerate company performance with solid business results and capability uplift. We revitalize innovation in core business domains.


With this purpose fully integrated into our culture, Maven Partners offers top tier professional services with a strong focus on applying quantitative analysis methodologies to address sales, marketing and operational excellence issues.

Our teams combine academia, industry and consultancy experience gained in globally recognized leading institutions.

Our consultants are highly skilled, with expertise in innovative analysis techniques and solutions.

We have successfully delivered challenging engagements for leading firms in the EMEA region; our engagements vary from developing and executing revenue uplift strategies for blue chip technology firms to developing first-in-class simulation solutions for predicting and studying commodity yield levels for global energy firms.

We effectively combine global industry leaders’ best practice with deep understanding of emerging markets dynamics, thanks to our wide industry coverage across EMEA.



Our unique approach in combining Advisory Services, Capability Building Services, and Managed Services under one roof creates unparalleled value for our clients and business partners.

Each of our engagements starts with a well-structured diagnostic study that clearly separates market potential utilization and capability development opportunities in our clients; outcome-appropriate engagement delivery models are selected accordingly:

If the outcome of the diagnostic study reveals gaps in defining strategies and tactics to tap into specific market potential, we treat these gaps as core commercial issues. We then continue with our clients with one of the services under our Advisory Services line.

If the outcome of the diagnostic study reveals gaps in capabilities required for strategy execution, we continue with our clients with one of the services under either Capability Development or Managed Services lines, depending on our client’s specific requirements and preferences.

With this approach we ensure the provision of long-term, non-disruptive, integrated solutions, helping them become smarter and more effective. We don’t simply frame the business problem and develop a once-only methodology and implementation. We help you internalize capabilities for a sustainable and lasting solution.