We tightly integrate our sales and service management offerings to ensure sustainable growth.

— Case Study


Optimizing Sales and Service Model

Aware of a lack of consistent customer service levels in their key touchpoints, one of the largest banks in Turkey initiated several projects to restructure their sales and service functions. The client decided to develop and deploy comprehensive customer segmentation, attrition, customer lifetime value, next-best product and service system optimization models.

Our Approach

After collection and extraction of required data from source systems, a comprehensive customer segmentation model was built to be used as a basis for sales and service operating model, direct marketing and targeting. A customer lifetime value mode was developed including comprehensive details on the customer-level cost-calculation side. Next-best product models were developed for better targeting. To address the issues of quality and speed at the branches, a comprehensive service system simulation model was built to optimize the sales and service workforce size in each of the 600 branches.

Business Impact

The client successfully transformed its face-to-face customer interaction points, with the analytics applications delivered at the center of the transformation. Customers are now being managed on the basis of the segmentation models delivered. Attrition management and decisions for up-sell and cross-sell targeting are made on the basis of the related models constructed. Service system workforce decisions are made on the basis of the outputs of the simulation model delivered.

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One great opportunity for growth is to focus on more productive sales transactions. Effective sales strategy and operations need to be complemented by service management to balance the longer-term interests of the organization through improved customer experience.

Channel Strategies

Whether revenue growth, profit maximization, customer experience uplift, cost optimization, alternative channel adoption or strategic customer management, we develop channel strategies and capabilities (structure, processes and people) that enable our clients to accomplish their business goals.

Sales Force Effectiveness

We help our clients build high-performance sales organizations by focusing on optimized resource deployment, compensation and incentive structures design, capability building programs for sales people and sales performance management structures for sales executives.

Sales and Service Operations

Best performer organizations maximize customer-facing time and use internal support to create more quality time with their customers. We help our clients design and implement back-office operations that enable their sales and service channels and organizations to concentrate on their customer relationship building activities.

Differentiated Service Management

We develop service management strategy and processes based on the unique value and needs profiles of our clients. Differentiated service management allows companies to optimize return on their service investments.