Our transformation and program management services enable our clients to “do the right things in the right way.”

— Case Study


Deploying Campaign Management Capabilities

Our client, one of the most successful telecom operators in the Middle East, was looking for a technology solution to enable the company to effectively communicate with customers, with the right value proposition at the right time.

However, solutions in the market differed hugely in terms of functionalities, cost of ownership and implementation approach. Guidance was needed to identify the right-fit technology solution to invest in.

Our Approach

Identification of Business Requirements: analysis of business requirements through stakeholder interviews, best practice research and capabilities assessment. Identified business requirements have been translated into functional and technical requirements in an RFP document.

Shortlisting Vendors: potential vendors qualified to propose a candidate solution identified and shortlisted.

Developing Vendor Scorecard: Automated scorecard to evaluate solutions and vendors with weighted functionality and capability scores developed so that the evaluation process is transparent and objective on the basis of defined selection criteria.

Business Impact

The client distributed the RFP to shortlisted vendors. The evaluation process was shortened drastically, thanks to a well-defined list of requirements and evaluation criteria. The allocated budget was efficiently utilized, eliminating potential overspend and the possibility of a solution falling short of expectations.

Read our approach to the issue

When an organization underperforms, the underlying reason is not always an incorrect strategy or vision. Instead, underperformance is often the result of gaps in execution. Therefore, doing the right thing is not enough.

Program Management Office

We support our clients in establishing and executing program management structures with the objective of successfully delivering large-scale transformation programs. We have proven capabilities in not only designing and implementing but also executing project and program management organizations, processes, risk and communication plans, performance dashboards, and cross-functional transformation programs with hundreds of concurrently running initiatives.

Interim Management & Execution

Sometimes our clients have a shortfall in leaders within the organization with necessary expertise and previous experience who can manage certain strategic initiatives. We can take the initiative in defining a strategy, supporting our client in execution and even operation of the initiative through our interim management and managed services offerings.

Change Management

Change management is the systematic approach to enabling people in an organization to transition from their current state to the desired future state defined by the strategy and vision of the organization. Our approach to change management targets and engages people at all levels across the organization with effective tools and techniques, such as performance management, awareness, empowerment, capability building and momentum programs.