We offer managed services for companies seeking agility, efficiency and productivity in their operational needs.

— Case Study


Relationship Marketing in Automotive Industry

As the market leader, the marketing capabilities of this automotive company were highly sophisticated in terms of mass communication. The company wanted to make the strategic initiative of enhancing its competency in relationship marketing, maintaining customer loyalty.

Our Approach

During the assessment it was observed that the company was tracking vehicles sold rather than customers. Systematic analyses of customer behavior were unavailable, and the usability of the existing customer database and the opportunities it could provide were unidentified.

First, touch point analysis was conducted and the company’s contacts with its customers were identified in more detail. Following this, a Customer Relationship Roadmap was developed and long-term strategic priorities determined.

  • Enhancement of customer analytics. (customer data de-duplication and unification, value-based segmentation, customer lifetime value)
  • Identification of quick win opportunities and transfer of successful pilot applications into sized and regular marketing campaigns.
  • Improvements in campaign management competency of the center and the dealers – definition of campaign planning and implementation processes.

Furthermore, a unique loyalty program was designed in order to retain valuable customers. The loyalty program applied global best practices, customized for local dynamics. Point mechanism, process flows, enrollment and redeeming mechanisms were designed.

Business Impact

All of the identified initiatives were implemented during the project duration. Quality and performance-oriented business reports have been deployed. Various marketing and sales programs were implemented with the highest return rates of any marketing initiative to date realized.

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Our managed services approach involves identifying business needs on functional, service type and activity domains, enabling the development of customized solutions to the needs of companies operating in different conditions and constraints.

We offer managed services for companies seeking agility, efficiency and productivity in their operational needs in the areas of customer management, marketing, sales and business analytics.

Managed services model provide companies advanced business capabilities, intense expertise and know-how – all gained through top-tier consulting engagements with blue chip companies – while keeping costs and risks under control. Building capabilities in-house requires long-term, costly investments; companies feeling the lack of an expert team with the capabilities they need can significantly benefit from the managed services model.