A career at Maven Partners is rewarding. We offer a clear professional development path.


  • Possibility to expand your horizon by helping leading enterprises solve their challenging business issues.
  • Experience on breakthrough business thinking and methodologies applied by a proven, tenured and highly motivated team.
  • Working in a number of cultures and industries and a fast-track professional development with an international presence.
  • A highly competitive compensation package including base salary, performance bonus and a generous expense policy for all levels.

Our consultants typically follow the following path:

Business Analyst ▸ Associate ▸ Senior Associate ▸ Manager ▸ Principal ▸ Partner

A partnership in the company is open to any successful team member, based on demonstrated performance.

Performance expectations at each level and in every role are clearly defined, communicated and evaluated periodically, with constructive feedback mechanisms in place. Our experienced people coach and mentor those with less experience.


Our team has a successful track record and passion for delivering value to our clients. We believe our people are key to our success, thanks to a team of smart, pragmatic, result-oriented people who value teamwork and trust. We are highly selective and demanding during the recruitment process.

Motivated professionals interested in joining our team need to demonstrate:

  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Flexibility to travel and adapt to different cultures
  • Curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • Analytical yet innovative thinking abilities
  • Hardworking, team player skills

We hire graduates of top-tier universities:

  • Business Analyst candidates are expected to have an engineering, management or economics degree.
  • We also hire interns who are in the last year of their academic program. Successful interns are offered full-time positions based on their performance.
  • Experienced professionals, especially those with successful business or consulting experience are hired for Associate levels and above.


Interviews provide us the opportunity to learn more about the candidates, their skills, career objectives, strengths and expectations, and to explain more about the work we do, how we do it, where we work and what we offer.

The process includes three rounds of case interviews and experience interviews. The candidate’s problem solving skills and passion for consulting form the focus of the interviews.



If you are interested in working at Maven Partners, please send us your resume with a cover letter explaining your background and motivation for consulting.